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Leverage the insight and power of introverts so you, or the introverts in your team can influence, lead and participate actively in the workplace.

Learn specific practices that inspire and draw out introverts so you can leverage the insight, depth of perspective introversion can bring to your team.

This webinar will help you learn how to make introversion a superpower! With around 50% of the population being introverted, the chances are either you are an introvert or you have introverts in your team – or both!

The content explores best-practice, proven techniques for;
1) Helping introverts to contribute openly in meetings, forums, brainstorms and discussions
2) Helping you to understand how introverts process information and how you can leverage this process to encourage a deeper, more insightful perspective on challenges, opportunities or issues your team are facing
3) Learn about the types of leadership situations where introverts thrive and why their skills are powerful contributors to performance
4) Practical tips for introverted leaders and managers on how to speak up more often – especially when you have been put on the spot, or need to overcome other communication barriers

Webinar Learning Outcomes:
• Learn how to get the greatest contribution from yourself if you are an introvert, or from your introverted team members if you are a leader
• Dramatically increase your ability to connect with introverts and extroverts as you understand how to make the most of both perspectives’ strengths

Suited to:
This is a practical webinar suited to financial and legal professionals who are introverted, or who find themselves managing staff or collaborating with introverted stakeholders. For experienced professionals it will update existing skills sets with some of the latest thinking and research that will leverage introversion for performance, and it provides and excellent introduction for those who are looking to understand more about introversion for the first time.

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