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The value of quality financial planning by reducing the impact of Pension and Aged Care asset testing.

In this webinar we will discuss the key considerations associated with pension entitlement and aged care means testing and identify ways individuals can reduce these costs by reducing their assessable assets.

The topics covered include:

1. Pension means testing arrangements

2. Understanding the cost of care for an individual

3. Means tested care fee

4. Assets and income test what is included and excluded

5. Strategies for reducing assessable assets for pension

6. Strategies for reducing assessable asset for aged care

We will look at the key costs associated with care and what strategies are in place to enhance the pension, minimise care costs and provide choice for the individual. We will also discuss future consequences and estate planning.

Webinar Learning Outcomes:

• Understand the means testing arrangements of pension entitlement and the cost of aged care.

• Identify and implement a range of asset reduction strategies to improve pension and aged care outcomes.

Suited to:

Industry Professionals, Financial Planners, Para Planners, Accountants and Lawyers.

Presenter Bio:

Jemma Briscoe Head of Research and Technical Advice: Responsible for developing and delivering the content for a variety of accredited retirement communities and residential aged care workshops to Financial Planners, Lawyers and Accountants. Jemma also conducts ongoing research into this industry and provides technical support and assistance to the national network of Aged Care Guru Advisers.

Jemma is a lecturer and tutor at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) Jemma delivers subjects such as Equity Valuation and Corporate Finance. Jemma has provided consulting advice in course and content development to several Universities and has a background in equities research, consulting and Chartered accounting. Jemma holds a Masters of Applied Finance...

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