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This advanced programme is designed specifically to help Accounting and Financial Professionals acquire practical knowledge on how to evaluate financial statements in predicting future financial conditions and how to use time series analysis to develop assumptions for investment decision making. Participants are expected to have prior knowledge in analysing financial statements.

Programme Outline


  • Financial Statement and Investment Analysis will focus on economic principles, value drivers and assessing risk
  • Financial Statement Analysis: You will examine and apply the corporate financial models, credit and strategic analysis
  • Valuation Techniques


  • Financial Statement Analysis: A quick refresher
  • Using Financial Statement Models for evaluating a company’s performance and conducting its valuation
  • How to reformulate income statements and balance sheets
  • How knowledge of the business is incorporated in reformulated statements
  • Identifying operating and financing components of the two statements
  • How to allocate income taxes to different parts of the income statement
  • What balance sheet and income statement ratios reveal after reformulation
  • How to learn about the firm’s strategy through the financial statements
    • Reformulated balance sheets reveal information about the firm’s strategy for operating the business
    • How the firm invests in operations
    • How the firm relies on operating liabilities
    • How the firm conducts its financing of the operations
    • Reformulated income statements show how the firm’s strategy generates earnings
    • How the firm grows earnings through sales growth
    • How sales are translated into operating income
    • How the financing strategy affects shareholders
  • Use of the Du Pont model to analyse financial statements
    • Financial Leverage vs Operating liability leverage
  • Risk Measurement of the company: Operating risk, capital investment risk, financial risk

Lectures, discussions, exercises and actual case studies will be used.

Participants are encouraged to bring along their calculators for this workshop.

What you will learn

At the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Be able to analyze the financial position and performance of a company over a period of time and draw conclusions regarding its sustainability
  • Acquire the practical skills to understand the company's strategy through the financial statements
  • Be able to use the financial reports to evaluate the worth of the company based on residual operating income method.

Target Audience

  • Accounting and Finance Professionals
  • Business Executives
  • Directors and Business Owners

Expert Speaker

Koh Siew Min
CFA , CA (Singapore)

Siew Min advises entrepreneurs and companies on financial management and restructuring. She also prepares companies for listing on the Singapore Stock Exchange, working closely with merchant banks that underwrite the listing of equities.

She is currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor with the NUS Business School , teaching the module on Financial Statement Analysis in the NUS MBA Programme. Being effectively bilingual in English and Chinese, Siew Min conducts programs in Mandarin for participants from China in a variety of banking subjects. She brings to her training programmes a unique blend of academia and practical industry experience in banking and finance gleaned from years of research, teaching and business management.

This is a 2-days webinar, to be conducted on 19 & 20 August 2020.

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