Activate the Power of Introverts (On Demand)


Learn specific practices that inspire and draw out introverts so you can leverage the insight, depth of perspective introversion can bring to your team.

This webinar will help you learn how to make introversion a superpower! With around 50% of the population being introverted, the chances are either you are an introvert or you have introverts in your team – or both!

The content explores best-practice, proven techniques for;

  1. Helping introverts to contribute openly in meetings, forums, brainstorms and discussions
  2. Helping you to understand how introverts process information and how you can leverage this process to encourage a deeper, more insightful perspective on challenges, opportunities or issues your team are facing
  3. Learn about the types of leadership situations where introverts thrive and why their skills are powerful contributors to performance
  4. Practical tips for introverted leaders and managers on how to speak up more often – especially when you have been put on the spot, or need to overcome other communication barriers

Beyond the basics, the content looks at how activating the different contributions of both extroverts and introverts to drive performance and how these styles complement each other when lead well.

Introverts will often need to be encouraged to speak-up, contribute and make an active contribution. Where you have a leadership style or culture that doesn’t actively support introverts then you are potentially missing out on the contribution of up to ½ your employees!

  • You will learn simple, practical tools to drive contribution in meetings, team days and client forums
  • You will learn how to position the depth of discussion and level of reflection you are seeking from your team so that you get greater and better-quality contribution
  • For introverted leaders you will learn how to manage those informal moments, on the spot requests and environments that don’t always value the deeper reflection you might like to offer
  • This session will be interactive. It includes case studies and further reading references
  • The slides include ‘how to’ guides for activating the physical and intellectual contribution of introverts in the workplace

What you will learn

  • Learn how to get the greatest contribution from yourself if you are an introvert, or from your introverted team members if you are a leader
  • Dramatically increase your ability to connect with introverts and extroverts as you understand how to make the most of both perspectives’ strengths

Target Audience

This is a practical webinar suited to financial and legal professionals who are introverted, or who find themselves managing staff or collaborating with introverted stakeholders. For experienced professionals it will update existing skills sets with some of the latest thinking and research that will leverage introversion for performance, and it provides and excellent introduction for those who are looking to understand more about introversion for the first time.

Expert Speaker

Deborah Assheton
The Amplify Group

Deb is the owner of The Amplify Group, a business that uses best-practice frameworks to deliver very practical, high-impact leadership, change and inter-personal skill building workshops. Deb’s passion is to help professionals deepen their self-awareness and embed behaviour that creates new levels of performance, engagement and results for them.

Deb has over twenty years’ experience in Executive Leadership positions where she has managed very large teams of more 3,000 people for some of Australia’s best known and highly regarded companies including Vodafone, BUPA and OPSM. Deb holds a BA (Psychology) and a Masters of Organisational Coaching (Sydney University). Deb’s clients span the retail and wholesale property management, banking, legal, technology, transport and motoring, and telecommunications industries. 

The webinar was recorded on 29 April 2020.

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    • $96.30 20% Discount on On-Demand Webinars - Apply Promotional Code: OEC20 $77.04incl. GST (7%)

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