Writing Better Excel – The Fundamentals (On Demand)


Excel spreadsheets can be an incredibly powerful tool. Many office-based roles provide dozens of opportunities to employ Excel, whether to manage simple lists or to create complex models.

For the many people who get thrown into the deep end by using Excel before properly learning the basics, this practical webinar aims to improve their knowledge of the fundamentals.

During the webinar we will run through brief illustrative examples to explain the content. The session will include:

  • Introduction
  • Orientation, glossary, sources of help
  • Four vital concepts:
    • Relative and absolute cell referencing
    • Number and date formats
    • Copy versus cut
    • Adding and removing rows & columns
  • A brief introduction to functions
  • Case study
  • Q&A

The 5 webinars in the Write Better Excel series (in order of difficulty) are as follows:

  • Tips for Total Beginners
  • The Fundamentals
  • Handling Data
  • Charts & Sparklines
  • Introduction to Macros

It is not required that attendees have attended webinar 1 before joining this webinar, however, basic familiarity with Excel will be assumed.

Please note that the demonstration will be given using Excel 2010. However, the version of Excel used in the webinar itself is of very limited importance as the points made extend to all versions.


Attendees will gain knowledge of the key fundamentals that underpin all Excel spreadsheets. Once the content of this webinar is understood, attendees will be equipped to write more robust Excel and understand common pitfalls.


8 May 2019


Anyone who uses Excel and wants to improve their skills. Attendees should have a light familiarity with excel prior to the session. This session may also suit practice managers and administration staff.


Richard Dams, Software Developer and Webinar Manager, Wolters Kluwer

1 hour 15 minutes

  • Elearning
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    • PD hours: 1.25
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    • $128.40 e-Learning 20% Discount - Apply Promotional Code: OEC20 $102.72incl. GST (7%)

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