Effective Business Communication 2019 - 6 March 2019 (On Demand)


Why do so many expensive and embarrassing mistakes happen in business? It’s often because of poor communication.

Using words is easy, but speaking in a way that people can clearly understand you and will want to listen is a rare skill. Most of us think we are great communicators but the reality is most of us have room to improve.
Workplaces with effective communication will always operate more efficiently and be more profitable than those with poor communication.

Everyone in the workplace can improve their communication.
This webinar will help you to understand the psychology behind human communication and why it so often goes very wrong and how to fix it. You will gain some powerful tools to greatly improve communication in your workplace.


This webinar will look at the following areas…

  •  How to ensure that people have understand what you mean and can follow your instructions.
  •  Communication to large groups over several sites.
  •  Why is so much information lost in emails?
  •  Understand how stress and information overload often cause communication breakdowns.
  •  Why some people take messages the wrong way.
  •  Effective layouts of written work to increase comprehension.
  •  Effective meetings where people don’t lose the will to live.
  •  Understanding why people struggle to process complex and difficult information.
  •  How to address reoccurring communication issues.


6 March 2019


All business professionals, HR, managers, owners, and all employers.


Michael Hempseed, , Managing Director Employee Solution Service.



1.25 CPD Hours

  • Elearning
    • $128.40 incl. GST (7%)
    • PD hours: 1.25
    Complete online at your own pace (Self-paced)
    • $128.40 incl. GST (7%)

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