Using Excel Macros & VBA to speed up your work: A Practical Programme for Accounting Professionals and Business Managers


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Accounting Professionals and Business Managers with intermediate working knowledge in Excel can take their skills to a whole new level by learning to use VBA macros to enhance and speed up their work. It is natural for some Excel users to feel comfortable with the basics, and shy away from the more sophisticated art of trying a hand in writing macros. However, a highly effective and efficient way to accomplish routine tasks is actually the use of VBA macros in Excel. The use of Excel Macros and VBA is actually a “hidden gem” underutilized and overlooked by many Excel users.

Many Excel users may feel that programming is too complicated, difficult to understand or set-up properly. This hands-on workshop will seek to demystify these, and allay any unnecessary fear of using Excel Macros & VBA. The workshop will include extensive explanations and examples on how each of these areas could be applied to real-world situations in Management Reporting and typical Accounting/Finance tasks. Participants are assumed to have little or no prior programming experience.

What you will learn

By the end of the workshop, you will :

  • Be able to record and run Macros Easily
  • Be able to write VBA Code manually using Microsoft Excel
  • Know how to perform Loops, Controls and Error Handling in Excel Macros
  • Know how to create User forms and Sheet Controls in Excel
  • Know how to use Events to trigger specific VBA code.
  • Be able to write useful applications that boost productivity and reduce time on routine activities.

Programme Outline

Introduction to Macros & VBA

  • Realising the potential of Excel using VBA

An introduction to all the building blocks required to write macros in Excel’s VBA

An introduction to programming concepts and writing code

Best practices to make your VBA easier to read, quicker to run, and more robust

Controlling Code

  • How to make a code do what you want it to do
  • How to write codes that can be easily modified

How to make your macros run as fast as possible

Interacting with Excel

  • How to automate common Excel functions such as copy, move, format, print, delete etc
  • Getting responses from users
  • How to read/write data from/to Excel worksheets
  • How to write you own functions and extend the range of functions available in Excel

How to link your macros to buttons and other controls

How to use VBA’s tools to quickly find problems and errors then resolve them

How to create new Excel files within VBA

How to open existing Excel files via VBA

How to save Excel files using VBA

How to work with multiple Excel files and copy or move data between them

This is a 2-days intensive programme where participants will get to apply their knowledge with hands-on exercises, guided by the Trainer. Participants are required to bring along their laptops , equipped with Excel 2010 and above full installations.

Participants are expected to have good or intermediate Excel skills and understand key concepts of spreadsheets or equivalent. It is not necessary to have prior programming knowledge. VBA Macro programming concepts will be taught from the very basic level. You should be an experienced Excel user who wish to automate repetitive tasks or simplify more complex tasks using Excel Macros and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming language.

Expert Speaker

Dr Lim Thou Tin

Dr Lim is a business graduate from the NUS. He holds double masters in information systems and knowledge management with further postgraduate qualifications in systems analysis, intelligent systems, marketing, management consulting and training. He has a doctorate of business administration from Southern Cross University with research interests in information systems and business modelling. He is also a certified business intelligence professional with specialisation in business analytics.

Dr Lim’s work experience includes working in large Singapore companies to MNCs in senior corporate, IT and project management positions. As a management consultant and practitioner, he has facilitated organizational initiatives / projects over a span of more than 15 years in the Asia-Pacific region, including Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius, China, India, Indonesia and Thailand.

Dr Lim continues to be involved in senior management education at local tertiary institutions, teaching information and accounting topics at degree and postgraduate level with research and publishing interests in knowledge management and business intelligence.

This is a 2-days face-to-face event to be conducted on 8th & 9th November 2021.

  • Nov 08
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    Mon, 9:00 AM - Tue, 5:00 PM Hotel Venue to be Advised
    • Early Bird 15% Discount - Apply Promotional Code: EBF15 $727.60 incl. GST (7%)
    • $856.00 incl. GST (7%)
    • PD hours: 14

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