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    ACCA-Wolters Kluwer Joint Event: Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements: Practical Skills for Effective Business Decision-Making

    Register interest - 7.0 CPE Hours

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    Accounting for Deferred Taxation: FRS 12/SFRS(I) 1-12 Income Taxes

    Register interest - 3.5 CPE Hours

  • WK%20SEA%20webinar%20banners_PMP%20findings.jpg

    ACRA’s 2022 PMP Findings: A Deeper Look at the Deficiencies and Practical Steps You can take to Avoid these Pitfalls

    Register interest - 7.0 CPE Hours

  • WK%20SEA%20webinar%20banners%20for%20Jul6.jpg

    Addressing the Deficiencies Observed in the Audit of Financial Statements

    Register interest - 7.0 CPE Hours

  • WK%20SEA%20webinar%20banners%20FRS21.jpg

    Applying FRS 21 in Real Life: A Practical Guide to Foreign Currency Transactions and Consolidation of Foreign Subsidiaries

    Register interest - 7.0 CPE Hours

  • WK%20SEA%20webinar%20banners%20for%20Jul_8.jpg

    Audit and Ethical Issues Arising from the Wirecard Fraud Scandal

    Register interest - 7.0 CPE hours

  • WK%20SEA%20webinar%20banners_AuditingUpdates.jpg

    Auditing Updates 2023

    Register interest - 7 CPE Hours

  • Webinar%20banner_ChatGPT.jpg

    ChatGPT & AI for Accounting and Finance Professionals

    Register interest - 3.0 CPE Hours

  • WK%20SEA%20webinar%20banners%20HealthCheck%20on%20Chi%20Sub.jpg

    Conducting a Tax Health-check on your Chinese Subsidiaries: Assessing your Tax Situation in China and the steps to be taken for Optimization and Compliance

    Register interest - 7 CPE Hours

  • WK%20SEA%20webinar%20banners%20for%20Sept2.jpg

    Cross Border Taxation & Double Tax Agreement: Practical Insights in Mitigating Corporate Tax Risks in respect of Cross Border Transactions

    Register interest - 7.0 CPE Hours

  • Essential Financial Skills For Non-Finance Managers and Executives

    Register interest - 7.0 CPE Hours

  • Essentials of Corporate Governance & Risk Management: A Practical Guide

    Register interest - 7.0 CPE Hours

  • WK%20SEA%20webinar%20banners%20for%20Sept3.jpg

    Ethics in the Brave New World: A Deeper Look at Ethical Issues in AI, Crypto and the Digital Economy

    Register interest - 7.0 CPE Hours

  • GST for the Marine and Shipping Industry: Ensuring GST Compliance

    Register interest - 7.0 CPE Hours

  • WK%20SEA%20webinar%20banners%20for%20Aug4.jpg

    GST Treatment on International Services & Recovery of Expenses: Key Considerations in Rightly Applying GST Treatment

    Register interest - 7.0 CPE Hours

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