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This practical seminar will allow those involved in Human Resource and the Senior Management of corporations and businesses to have a handy and practical overview of the Employment Law in Singapore and recent developments as well as proposed further changes. It covers a large range of real-life examples of employment-related disputes and other contract related issues that arise in our labour-dependent country. 

Programme Outline

This seminar walks participants through the Singapore’s Employment Law and its latest updates. With case studies provided, it will cover the following topics:

Overview of Employment Law in Singapore

  • Sources of Law in Singapore
  • Creation of a Valid Contract of Employment
  • Contractual terms
  • Understanding the Employment Act

Recent Changes to the Employment Act as at April 2019

  • Extension of Coverage of benefits
  • Key Employment Terms
  • Itemised Payslips

Updates on Retirement Ages, Re-employment and Retrenchment Policies, and Workplace Safety and Health responsibilities

  • Retirement and Re-employment Act
  • Retrenchment Policies
  • Workplace Safety and Health Act

Restrictive Covenants in Employment Contracts and its Validity

  • Non-competition clauses
  • Non-solicitation clauses
  • Validity of a restrictive covenant

Common Confidentiality Clauses in Employment Contract and its Enforceability

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Confidential Information and Trade Secrets
  • Types of confidential information
  • Employees’ Duty of Confidentiality and Remedies for Breach of Duty
  • Personal Data Protection Act

Effectively Handling the Contractual Termination/Summary Dismissal of Employees/Dispute Resolution Process

  • Types of Termination of Employment
  • Remedies upon Termination
  • Tripartite Alliance for Dispute Management
  • Employment Claims Tribunal


What you will learn

Attendees will be able to get a summary of Employment Law and relevant laws in Singapore, including:

  • An overview of the Employment Act in Singapore, including important changes that have been implemented in the recent years;
  • Practical tips on how to handle contract termination/summary dismissals;
  • Key details on common clauses(restraint of Trade) in employment contracts and whether these are enforceable, which is a must-know for those in the HR and senior management;
  • Updates on retirement ages, retrenchment policies and re-employment; and
  • The know-how to manage disputes between the Employer and the employee. The Procedures for Employment Dispute Resolution

Target Audience

  • Regional HR Directors and Managers
  • Senior Management

Expert Speaker

Christopher Bridges

With over 31 years of specialised practice as a litigator and corporate advisor, Mr Christopher Bridges is well versed in handling various contractual disputes, some of which have been reported in the media:
Mr Bridges enjoys teaching and is an Adjunct Lecturer with Murdoch University where he teaches Workplace Law. Having been described as clear, confident, and knowledgeable by those who have previously attended his courses and workshops, he is able to present his ideas in a succinct manner, allowing participants to relate concepts to real life problems and come up with practical solutions.

He was admitted as an Advocate and Solicitor to The Supreme Court, Republic of Singapore on 6th June 1990. He is also a Notary Public and a Commissioner for Oaths. He is a Volunteer Probation Officer.

His field of practice as a General Litigator is wide and varied, ranging from Civil Dispute Resolution to Criminal Law. He is accredited on the List of Leading Counsel maintained by the High Court of Singapore which appoints senior criminal practitioners to represent those facing Capital Punishment. He was awarded the 'Minister for Law' Appreciation Award for his services to the Legal Aid Bureau.

Mr Bridges has served on sub-committees in the Law Society of Singapore and has been recognized by the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme for his contributions to this Scheme. He has been a member of the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators since 1995.

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