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Live Webinars: Immediately after your purchase, you will receive 3 emails from CCH Learning;

  1. Order Received – Confirming your payment
  2. Registration Confirmed – Confirming the webinar details with a calendar reminder
  3. Instructions and link for GoToWebinar and a reminder to add it to your calendar (definitely add this to your calendar and check the time zone is correct).

Recorded Webinars: Immediately after your purchase, you will receive 2 emails from CCH Learning;

  1. Order Received – Confirming your payment
  2. Webinar Recording Instructions – Providing a link to the recording (to watch multiple times) and a link to the supporting documentation

NOTE: if you don’t receive these emails please check your junk/spam folder, and then add to your safe senders list.

If you purchase a ‘Live’ session – CCH Learning will email you a link to download your supporting documentation 24 hours before the webinar. This can be printed beforehand to make notes during the webinar.

If you purchase a ‘Recorded’ session – Upon purchase you will be sent a link to download your supporting documentation straight away.

NOTE: if you don’t receive these emails please check your junk/spam folder, and then add to your safe senders list.

These webinars can be used to conduct in-house training from the comfort of your office. You will need a training space with a laptop and speaker connection. You can also print the supporting documentation for everyone to make notes during the webinar.
Simply schedule a meeting with your team, on a date a few days after a webinar broadcast. The webinar recordings are emailed out 24 hours after the live sessions.

If you purchased a live webinar, within 24 hours after the end of the session, you will automatically receive a link to the recording. This is regardless of whether you attended the live session or not.

If you purchased a recording, the link will be emailed to you after you complete your checkout.

The recording can be streamed multiple times for up to 6 months.

A webinar is an online seminar. CCH Learning use software called GoToWebinar to present our webinars.

With GoToWebinar, you and your team can see exactly what’s on our computer screens and you can hear the presenters speaking.  You can also download documentation, answer poll questions to test your knowledge, and participate in a Q&A session throughout and at the end of each webinar.

GoToMeeting can be used on all devices; Windows PC, Mac, or there is an App for your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

GoToWebinar’s teleconferencing means that you can join in with your computer’s microphone and speakers, or make a conventional phone call.

When you log into the webinar there will be an audio panel where you can select your preference and see the phone number to call.

You will need a functioning phone (or a speaker phone if you have more than one team member attending) or a computer with microphone and speakers – if you are attending webinars frequently, you may wish to invest in a good set of external speakers.

You will also need a computer with a broadband connection, preferably wired as opposed to wireless (it’s faster). Your Java software needs to be up to date and it helps if your computer and monitor are less than five years old.



You can also download the GoToMeeting app to your smart device and use built-in sound or headphones.

Most firms book one connection. You can have as many team members viewing the one connection as you want, from three team members huddled round a monitor, to 15 team members in a boardroom with a data projector.

If you wish to book multiple connections, you will need to purchase each one separately. This is sometimes done when team members are in different offices or working from home.

There are a few things you can do the day before which will make the connection process stress-free:

  • Make sure the area where you will be training is set up in advance e.g. board room
  • Test your speaker phone for volume and make sure you are aware of the controls
  • If joining via speakers make sure these are working and you are familiar with the controls
  • Make sure you have forwarded the webinar link to the computer you will be connecting from
  • Print out the supporting documentation (emailed 24 hours prior) so you can make notes during the webinar

If you want to test whether the software will work, go to

Webinars start promptly, so you will need to be logged into the webinar, and called into the teleconference (with your phone set to speaker if required) and have your team ready at the start time:

  • An hour before the webinar starts, you will receive a reminder email with a link to the webinar and any other details
  • Half an hour before your webinar, ensure that the computer you’ll be using is booted up and all attendees are aware of when it starts
  • 15 minutes before your webinar, log into the Go To Webinar using the link in your reminder email
  • 10 minutes before your webinar, round up all the attendees and let them know to join you in 5 minutes
  • 5 – 10 minutes before your webinar, dial in to the teleconference if necessary
  • Make sure you have documentation printed for all attendees (emailed 24 hours before the webinar)

When using the speakers and mic on your computer, the call itself is free because technically you’re not making one.

If you dial into the teleconference using your phone, it is simply the cost of calling a local number.

When you log into GoToWebinar there will be a choice of either setting. Then if you need to change it during the session you will see the Audio Options in the control panel – you can click the button for “Use Mic & Speakers”, or if you click “Use Telephone” it will bring up the number to call and give you a unique access code and PIN for the meeting.

These are the controls you may use in the webinar:

  • Fullscreen Mode will extend the screen seamlessly onto your whole monitor
  • The Questions Pane is where you type your questions and click send
  • Handouts is where your supporting documentation will be saved (this is also emailed to you 24 hours prior)
  • Audio panel is where you can swap between “Use Mic & Speakers” and “Use Telephone” (You will be automatically muted)

Depending on the level of interaction, you may also be asked to raise your hand or join in on various poll questions to test your knowledge.

Of course. You can type in questions which the moderator will ask the presenter. We will show you how to do this at the start of the webinar.

The presenter and moderator will do a full Q&A session at the end of the webinar. If there are more than a dozen questions, you may be emailed a full transcript depending on subject matter.



You can also email questions to the presenter at the conclusion of the webinar.

After your webinar, please type your feedback in the online form which will pop up.

If you have any suggestions, we’d love you to let us know via this form.

Your feedback is very important to us as it helps us to improve and develop our webinar programme.



Alternatively you can email feedback to