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This is a hybrid session. You have the option to attend this live in-person or online via zoom. Please select accordingly at registration.

This practical workshop will provide an overview of the duties imposed on Entities that possess Personal Data under the PDPA, how to comply with these duties/PDPA rules, and avoid any liability for breach of these duties. Additionally, it will cover the requirements imposed by the Do Not Call (DNC) Registry. More importantly, the common mistakes made by organisations when handling personal data, including how to avoid these errors, will be discussed.

This session will involve case studies on how these duties are breached and the penalties imposed.

Programme Outline

Introduction to the PDPA

  • Data protection
  • Do Not Call (DNC) Registry
  • What is considered “personal data”?

PDPA Rules

  • The Accountability Obligation (Section 11-12)
  • The Consent Obligation (Section 13-17)
  • Purpose Limitation Obligation (Section 18 -19)
  • The Notification Obligation (Section 20)
  • Access & Correction Obligation (Section 21 – 22A)
  • The Accuracy Obligation (Section 23)
  • The Protection Obligation (Section 24)
  • Retention Limitation Obligation (Section 25)
  • Transfer Limitation Obligation (Section 26)
  • Mandatory Breach Notification (Section 26D)

Criminal and Civil Sanctions for Breaches of PDPA

  • New Criminal offences with effect from 1st February 2021
  • Civil proceedings under the PDPA

5 Common Employer Mistakes in Personal Data Protection and How you can Avoid Them

  • No Data Protection Officer appointed
  • No personal data protection policy
  • Lack of employee training on how to handle and protect data (clicking on phishing emails, visiting inappropriate sites)
  • Inadequate controls over data stored
  • Improper disposal of personal data

The Do Not Call (DNC Registry)

  • The 3 DNC Registers
  • Consent to receive specified messages
  • Withdrawal of consent
  • Exemption for certain specified messages


What you will learn

  • Understand what Data is protected under the PDPA.
  • Have an overview of the various obligations imposed on organisations relating to Data protection.
  • Avoid common mistakes and penalties when handling personal data
  • Necessary requirements in order to discharge their duties under the PDPA and avoid breach
  • The Role and Functions of the DNC and obligations imposed by the DNC

Target Audience

  • Senior Management and HR Directors and Managers as well as Supervisory Staff handling Personal Data of individuals

Expert Speaker

Christopher Bridges
With over 31 years of specialised practice as a litigator and corporate advisor, Mr Christopher Bridges is well versed in handling various contractual disputes, some of which have been reported in the media: https://www.asiaone.com/singapore/food-firm-fails-pay-claim-bid.

Mr Bridges regularly conducts courses on the PDPA for Professional Training Bodies. He also enjoys teaching and is an Adjunct Lecturer with Murdoch University where he teaches Workplace Law and Hospitality Law. He is also an Adjunct Lecturer with Birmingham City University teaching Professional Standards and Practice, Regulatory Compliance and Constitutional Law. Having been described as clear, confident, and knowledgeable by those who have previously attended his courses and workshops, he is able to present his ideas in a succinct manner, allowing participants to relate concepts to real life problems and come up with practical solutions.

He was admitted as an Advocate and Solicitor to The Supreme Court, Republic of Singapore on 6th June 1990. He is also a Notary Public and a Commissioner for Oaths. He is a Volunteer Probation Officer.

His field of practice as a General Litigator is wide and varied, ranging from Civil Dispute Resolution to Criminal Law. He is accredited on the List of Leading Counsel maintained by the High Court of Singapore which appoints senior criminal practitioners to represent those facing Capital Punishment. He was awarded the 'Minister for Law' Appreciation Award for his services to the Legal Aid Bureau.

Mr Bridges has served on sub-committees in the Law Society of Singapore and have been recognized by the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme for his contributions to this Scheme. He has been a member of the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators since 1995.

This is a hybrid session. You have the option to attend this live in-person or online via zoom. Please select accordingly at registration.

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