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Cultivating your Leadership Emotional Intelligence (EQ) - 27 April 2022 (On Demand)


Cultivating your Leadership Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Emotional Intelligence is one of the most powerful predictors of happiness, life success and Leadership effectiveness! In this webinar we review and discuss ways Leaders can improve their EQ.

Decades of peer reviewed research has established Emotional Intelligence (EQ) as a foundational skill set for Leaders. In this webinar we look at the science behind EQ and how it contributes to Leadership effectiveness.

We break EQ into it’s five component parts and examine each in some detail. We look at:

  • Self-awareness – our capacity to understand our emotional and feeling world, and those of others
  • Self-regulation – our capacity to manage our feelings/emotions and behaviour constructively
  • Motivation – the sources of motivation that drive our thinking and actions
  • Empathy – our capacity to tune into others
  • Social Skills – our ability to connect with others in constructively and mutually beneficial ways

For each of these we examine how they work within our thinking and behaviour, their contribution to the way we lead or interact with others and how we can cultivate each more deeply.

What you will learn

  • Participants will deepen their knowledge of EQ and its importance for our professional and personal wellbeing
  • Understand how each component influences thinking, feeling and behaviour
  • Be clearer about where they have strong EQ and where awareness and skills sets might need more development
  • How to cultivate their EQ at a micro and more macro level
  • Much deeper awareness about how levels of EQ might be influencing the behaviour of others, and constructive ways to respond to this

Target Audience

This is a practical webinar suited to financial and legal professionals who are interested how EQ influences personal and professional effectiveness. For experienced professionals it will update existing skills sets with some of the latest thinking and research, and it provides an excellent introduction for those who are learning about EQ for the first time.

Expert Speaker

Deborah Assheton is the owner of The Amplify Group, a business that uses best-practice frameworks to deliver very practical, high-impact leadership, change and inter-personal skill building workshops. Deb’s passion is to help professionals deepen their self-awareness and embed behaviour that creates new levels of performance, engagement and results for them.

Deborah has over twenty years’ experience in Executive Leadership positions where she has managed very large remote teams of more 3,000 people for some of Australia’s best known and highly regarded companies including Vodafone, BUPA and OPSM. Deb holds a BA (Psychology) and a Masters of Organisational Coaching (Sydney University). Deb’s clients span the retail and wholesale property management, banking, legal, technology, transport and motoring, and telecommunications industries.

The webinar was recorded on 27 April 2022.

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    • PD hours: 1
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