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How to Create and Sustain Change-Ready Teams (On Demand)


The ability to respond to change is a core competency for individuals and teams

We all need to be able to handle changes in the workplace and in our environment.

When the right principles are applied, we see individuals and teams successfully adapting and responding but when things go wrong, we see denial and chaos which ultimately lead to failure. Similarly, if we are too slow to respond this can put our business, our goals and our engagement at risk.

This workshop discusses how to equip your team members and/or organisation to be change-ready so you can achieve your most important goals.

We’ll review the fundamentals that support all changes, whether that be the introduction of a new system or process, or a shift in regulations or the operating environment.

We’ll examine how leaders can prepare their team for change by:

  • exploring practical ways to increase change awareness and change-readiness,
  • considering the resources required to support change and
  • learning how to lead intentional changes in behaviour.

This workshop will incudes polls, Q&A, discussion and the presentation of research. Participants will be able to access change readiness assessments that can assist with change discussions in the workplace.

What you will learn

Participants will gain an understanding of:

  • the 4 aspects of change readiness for individuals, and how this dynamic operates in teams.
  • how to use formal and informal methods for overcoming change fatigue and change resistance so you can boost change readiness.
  • how to position change and how to support others through the emotional cycle of change using empirically tested tips and tools.

Target Audience

Professionals and leaders who find themselves having to manage change of any kind in the workplaces. For experienced professionals and managers, it will update existing understanding with some of the latest thinking and research, and it provides an excellent introduction for those who want to build their own or others change-readiness.

The webinar was recorded on 23 November 2020

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    • PD hours: 1
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    • $87.20 incl. GST

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