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Maintaining Resilience Through Stressful Periods (On Demand)


Learn how to cultivate high levels of Resilience through stressful, tough and difficult periods using proven, simple, practical techniques so you can run the marathon, as well as the sprint.

Resilience is learned, it is considered a strength, a form of psychological capital that is essential for sustaining strong outcomes and general well-being across all ages. This webinar will help you learn how to cultivate or maintain high levels of Resilience in really tough, busy, stressful environments, including volatile environments.

You will be able to apply the understanding and skills we discuss across every area of your life.

This content explores best-practice, proven techniques for;

  1. Recognising your current Resilience level, and understanding what that means for your work capacity, health and energy levels
  2. Understand how Resilience works in your body, and how to balance your coping mechanisms with the stress level you are experiencing
  3. The mindsets that support different levels of Resilience and research showing how mindset and Resilience relate to performance, and well-being
  4. Practical, proven tips and techniques that support Resilience during the day at work, and on a broader scale over the weekends and across your life in general
  5. How to bring a language about Resilience to your team or co-workers so you can discuss team Resilience and its impact on performance and client experience
  6. A reference for you to take an empirically valid Resilience test to assess your current level of Resilience, or that of your teams
  • This session will be interactive. It includes case studies and further reading references
  • The slides include ‘how to’ guides for building Resilience every day in the workplace as well as understanding longer-term practices that support high levels of Resilience

What you will learn

  • Learn how Resilience supports performance and well-being both in individuals and across teams. Learn how to cultivate and actively grow Resilience within yourself, and to support others to cultivate it too.
  • Dramatically increase your own Resilience levels reasonable quickly and simply through daily practices that are proven, simple, practical and sustainable

Target Audience

This is a practical webinar suited to financial and legal professionals who need to run the marathon as well as sprint during busy periods. Resilience is a fundamental requirement for every individual who experiences stressful or tough environments, clients or targets. For experienced professionals it will update existing skills sets with some of the latest thinking and research about Resilience, and it provides and excellent introduction for those who are looking to understand more about Resilience for the first time.

Expert Speaker

Deb Assheton - Owner of The Amplify Group

The Amplify Group is a business that uses best-practice frameworks to deliver practical, high-impact leadership, change and inter-personal skill building workshops. Deb’s passion is to help professionals deepen their self-awareness and embed behaviour that creates new levels of performance, engagement and results for them.

Deb has over twenty years’ experience in Executive Leadership positions where she has managed very large remote teams of more 3,000 people for some of Australia’s best known and highly regarded companies including Vodafone, BUPA and OPSM. Deb holds a BA (Psychology) and a Masters of Organisational Coaching (Sydney University). Deb’s clients span the retail and wholesale property management, banking, legal, technology, transport and motoring, and telecommunications industries.

The webinar was recorded on 26 August 2022.

  • Elearning
    • $87.20 incl. GST
    • PD hours: 1
    Complete online at your own pace (Self-paced)
    • $87.20 incl. GST

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