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The demands of spearheading a business today are more complex and are changing more rapidly than before. The collective impact of economic uncertainty, technological disruption, increased competition, changing consumer expectations, margin pressures, and a continually evolving regulatory environment poses a significant challenge to us.

Financial modeling has become a critical tool used by organisations to understand business risks and make important strategic decisions. This hands-on workshop is designed to give you a comprehensive on-the-job tools and techniques to become an indispensable member of your organisation’s strategic planning and top management team.

You will learn to build an effective model that is robust, dynamic and user-friendly. You can then clearly see how it can be used to analyse the impact of operational parameters on the value and viability of a business. You will also learn about utilizing modeling methodology and enhancing your knowledge in understanding the application of financial modeling languages such as Excel VBA, R, Python and advanced Excel financial functions and tools focusing on:

• Industry Practitioner Financial Model Construction Techniques
• Advanced Excel Tips and Techniques for Instant Modeling
• Key Assumptions Modeling
• Present and Future-Value Modeling
• Capital Expenditure Modeling

Programme Outline

• Understand professional modeling concepts and techniques using latest Excel spreadsheet functions and tools to calculate financial forecasts and projections.
• Professional principles of financial model construction, including the design of spreadsheets using input cells, cell names and financial functions.
• The following modeling tools of Excel will be examined, including:

o Financial Functions
o Scenario Analysis
o Sensitivity Analysis
o Optimization Analysis
o Regression Analysis
o Macros (for repetitive tasks)
o Capital expenditure model

This workshop qualifies for 7.0 CPE hours in Information Technology (Category 5).

What you will learn

• Understand professional modeling concepts and techniques using latest Excel spreadsheet functions
• Learn the modelling tools to calculate financial forecasts and projections


Participants should already have basic working knowledge of finance and Excel; and want to be able to employ the Excel tools, formulas and functions necessary for building effective financial models

Laptop Requirements

This is a 1-day intensive programme where participants will get to apply their knowledge with hands-on exercises, guided by the Trainer. Participants are required to bring along their laptops, equipped with full installation of Excel.

Target Audience

• Accountants and Finance Professionals who would want to expand their knowledge to enhance their financial decision-making roles
• Business Managers who would like to acquire essential and practical knowledge in financial modeling

Expert Speaker

Dr Lim Thou Tin

Dr. Lim is a business graduate from the NUS. He holds double masters in information systems and knowledge management with further postgraduate qualifications in systems analysis, intelligent systems, marketing, management consulting and training. He has a doctorate in business administration from Southern Cross University with research interests in information systems and business modelling. He is also a certified business intelligence professional with specialisation in business analytics.

Dr Lim’s work experience includes working in large Singapore companies to MNCs in senior corporate, IT and project management positions. As a management consultant and practitioner, he has facilitated organizational initiatives / projects over a span of more than 15 years in the region, including Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius, China, India, Indonesia and Thailand.

Dr Lim continues to be involved in senior management education at local tertiary institutions, teaching information and accounting topics at degree and postgraduate level with research and publishing interests in knowledge management and business intelligence.

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