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Finance professionals and Accountants are gatekeepers of governance and risk management. Their roles are vital in the monitoring and managing of compliance using good corporate governance practices.

This is crucial as companies are answerable to shareholders and stakeholders who expect good governance and especially more so now with the recent focus on Environment, Social and Governance (ESG). Therefore, a sound understanding of the Code of Corporate Governance will ensure the Company implement adequate and effective risk mitigating controls.

With the sharing of topical issues on corporate governance and discussions through case-studies of past cases of corporate mis-governance, this would give the participants an in-depth understanding of the essentials of corporate governance and risk management.

This practical workshop will cover topics such as the Code of Corporate Governance 2018, Roles of Board of Directors, Interested Person Transactions Vs Related Party Transaction, Determination of Independence, Transaction & Disclosure and Enterprise Risk Management.

Programme Outline

Overview of Corporate Governance and Code of Corporate Governance 2018

  • What is Corporate Governance?
  • Separation of ownership from management
  • CG2018 - Board’s Conduct of Affairs
  • CG2018 - Board Composition and Guidance
  • CG2018 - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • CG2018 - Basis for Determination of Independence
  • CG2018 - Board Membership
  • CG2018 - Disclosure of Remuneration

Conflict of Interest, Related Party Transaction & Interested Person Transaction

  • Singapore Companies Act on conflict of Interest
  • Director as Office & Employee
  • Powers and Duties of a Director
  • False or misleading statements
  • Insider Trading and Disclosure of material information
  • Related Party Transaction vs Interested Person Transaction

Corporate Governance and Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)

  • Shareholders to stakeholders
  • Ethical requirements of a good corporate citizen
  • Principles for responsible investment
  • Future of Corporate Governance

Risk Management

  • Relation between Risk Management and Corporate Governance
  • Three lines Model
  • Risk Culture
  • Performance-Based Continuous ERM
  • The ERM Framework


What you will learn

  • In-depth understanding of Corporate Governance and Risk Management
  • Key principles of Code of Corporate Governance 2018
  • Lessons learnt from the impact of poor corporate governance practices
  • ESG and its impact on Corporate Governance
  • Differences between related party transaction and interested person transaction

Target Audience

  • Financial and Accounting Professionals
  • Any professionals who like to have a good understanding and appreciation of corporate governance

Expert Speaker

Keith Tan
RSM Risk Advisory Pte Ltd

Keith is a Director with the Business Consulting arm of the RSM Singapore. He is also the Deputy Lead of the Firm’s Healthcare Practice.

His areas of expertise include corporate governance consulting, business consulting, internal audit, and enterprise risk management. His clients include those from healthcare, industry manufacturing, real estate and construction verticals.

Keith began his career in statutory audit with an international accounting firm where he was assigned to manage listed and multinational corporations.

Prior to joining the Firm, he worked in a global engineering firm that specialises in airport baggage handling and logistics systems, where he oversaw regional projects on cost management, risk management, contract management, budget and forecasting.

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